Monday, May 2, 2011

I never thought that we'll be two complete strangers.
I know there's no use of writing this.
But it left me a scars reading that post on Twitter.
I know you know what exactly i mean.
That crap, is seriously gave me a hit.

Seriously, i don't feel to argue on this issue.
To me, you write that cause you don't have the chance to speak to me.
You don't have the chance to hear my explanation.
Thats what i think.
At least, i don't think crap on you.
Yes i don't, and i'm certain you don't know any of that!
So shut the fuck up!

See, i've slipped a cursed word.
I'm sorry.
But i can't help it since you do for yourselves.

This is the last post on you.
I swear.
Except if i read something not quite true, then you'll hear what will i say.

Until now, sayonara!

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