Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Sunday already.
In few minutes later, i will heading back to the campus.

It feels like i've not spending much time with my family this week.

Friday :
Got tired after some times in car and train in. Arrived at home, kissed my family and straight to bed.

Saturday :
Woke up late in the afternoon. Bath, eat and stay in the hall for few minutes, and straight to my room. Stuck in front of laptop until late at night.

Sunday :
It's finally time to go back campus :(

Only few minutes, few minutes before campus.
I should have planned things with my family first.
I've spent time with lappy countless, better than my family this week.
That is making me more sad leaving here.
After this, i may not going back again.
So why the heck i'm stuck here in front of this pink thing?!!


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