Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Done my Public Relations Test today.
It was okay.
Since i can still cheat in the test, but i'm not doing my all, i can say it was just okay.

Got my result for Law Test yesterday.
It was quite good compared to what i've imagine before.
I just need to work on it some more.
Bit work and effort might do better.

*enough about test and books*

Few days back, my mom ask me this particular question.
"Do you need car that you do your driving license?"
I'm like, "Oh yess i do!"
But i just keep in my mind.
A sconversation with my mom will lead to argument.
So i might as well shut up and see what will happen later.
Just go with the flow, yes?
But please mom, a car would be nice :P

A guy that have a crush on me texted me last night.
He's just a guy i know from National Service, and we worked together in a Marching Show there.
So yeah i know quite well about him.
It was fun, until i slept early last night without replying his message.
I should be more flexible with him now.
Since then :P

Good news is I'm back on track about everything.
Thank god i took some gold time being at home.
Keep my mind straight again.
A relief for me.

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