Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello everyone.
We meet again.
Sorry, i've been really busy nowadays.
I've got studies to revise, some lesson to be attached, some assholes to endure.
So yesterday was 'Ceramah Day'
Been sleeping like hours in that room.
My but has grown numb each seconds.
Thank god it was over.

I've got Law Test this Friday.
Got Computer Test for the next few days.
Maybe got Modules to attend this Saturday.
Do you know what it feels to be me now?
Thank you.

Nevertheless, i'm still happy here.
With good friends all around.
Spend some time together last night before everyone's getting busy with class tomorrow.
Good news is, NO CLASS TOMORROW!

Atleast i can stay up late tonight.
And perhaps getting back to books the next day.

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