Sunday, February 20, 2011

Frankly, I've got lots of assignments to be done. Lots of chapters to cover. Lots of revision to do. But i don't feel like doing 'em. I've been tired of getting stuck in front of the books for whole 3 days in a row!

So now, what i'm doing is just playing computer, watch some movies, get laid on bed, eat, outing, sleep and bath. Those things that typical student would do during holidays! You know what i'm talking about?

So this is my reaction during class, when lecturers asked me about previous lessons. I'm not doing my revision, so why the heck are they asking these ffffuuuuu questions? Sigh.

When final exam is coming, i would literally be like this! Getting anxious about studies, and maybe would die of 'study-overload'

Hmm, it's been 2 months passed since i've started my new semester. But it looks like i've got 10% input only from all the lectures. How pathetic is that?

I dont know, i feel like i've lost my track so far. Being too lazy nowadays is killing me. I should start being serious since there is not much time left for my final. Sigh. When will i take this seriuosly? I don't want to be like 'me' when i'm in semester 2. Hell no! Please god, no!

Nevertheless, i will still try and get myself straight! Yes, i will. Tomorrow, perhaps?

Please be 'me in Semester 3'!

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