Sunday, January 16, 2011

There's a new stalker on my blog.
At first, i don't want to post this thing.
But i want that person to know that, you don't have to stalk me no more.
Please, no more.
And stop pretending like you are close with me or whatsoever.
Cause i know that you know that we are not!
You hear me, we're not!

You don't have to worry, i will not mention your name here.
But whoever that is close to me knows about this.
About what you're doing right now. Just about few minutes back.

So here it is.
There's a girl whom i know for the last couple of years back.
To be honest, i'm not close to you. And i'm pretty much uncomfortable to talk about you.
So i was hoping that you get the idea that we're not close!
Not even like friends or whatever they call it as to be.

So i've lost contact with this girl like 6-5 years long.
Then suddenly she added me up on Facebook.
And just about few minutes back, she pop me up on facebook chat saying she's my brother's friend.
Seriously, i've never open up my mouth on him.
Not a single description, not even to my besties.
So i was wondering how do you know him? Don't you think it's quite scary admitting it?

At first, you said you are my brother's friend.
And few seconds later, you said you're trying to help your friend to get contact on him.
Do you seriously think i would bloody buy it?
Seriously, that's just pathetic!
You sound like a stalker. A psycho in different ways.

And stop telling stories about my family to your goddamn friends whom i don't even know myself.
It's like you're selling stories about me, who don't even close to you.
Don't you think it's scary if this is happening to you?
Please stop pretending like you are apart from my life.
And please just leave my page alone.

I'm sorry, but i must say you're a big-arse twat.
Sorry, and stop stalking on me.

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