Monday, January 3, 2011

So here i am.
Getting ready to start new semester.
I don't even attend class for today.
That's what i called GETTING READY.

Things at new place, frankly is cool.
We've got TV, kitchen, and almost everything basic we need as a student and human.
Got transport here too.
We only have 6 people of us now at here.
With 3 bathroom.
I seriously think it's more than enough for me.

I don't even have new year's resolution yet.
I'm afraid i might screw up and ruin my resolutions.
But seriously, i want to increase on my grades more.
That is my promise!
I don't want to make my parents sad of me.
I don't want they think that i don't take it seriously.
Seriously serious, i am fucking damn serious about my studies now.
I just need the determinations and focuses and all to get it right.
I know myself, and that is how i'm going thru.

New friends, new attitude to be applied.
New behaviour to be survey.
New me is going to be develop.

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