Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everybody has their own problems.
Everybody must once experienced stress.
Everybody was or is a loner.
Everybody knows what their state of being normal people.

I too have my own problems.
Big, small, long, short and even complicated ones.
How you handle it is just matters.
How you handle, is what other people will talk about.
How you handle it, is going to be talks to each and every mouth of people who know you.
Believe me.
I know.

To me, the worst and most-fear-problem of all is regarding friendship.
I'm not a love person.
I'm more to a person who will support my friends till the very end of my life.
That's what i am.
Rather than being tangled with boys and their stupid love games, i enjoy myself getting tangled with friends who i'd die with, the one who will be with me no matter what.

I've fight, punch, getting away with my bestfriends.
Yes, i did.
As a matter of fact, i've once move away to other school because i can't face my own bestfriends.
Move away so that i will not be hurt, or even they will not be hurt because of me.
Ask them, they know.
Until now, the stories remain untelled.
Only us knows it, and only us will remember it.

Currently, i'm happy with the people all over me.
I have Kak Tia, Ant, Tash, Qaseh, Alia and her other housemates to keep me company in UiTM.
And of course, i thank god to give me Syamim as my best buddy among the bestest friends i have.
Thank you.

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