Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanks, O Lord!

I've just checked my Semester 3's result. Alhamdulillah, with His will i get 3.52 this semester. I praised to Allah for making all my prayers come true. Alhamdulillah, i thank you my lord.

With all the hard works, sacrifices, late night studies, memorizes, wake up early in the morning, i think it's worth it. The result just worth the price, that is what i can say!

To Mak and Ayah, thank you for all that prayers from both of you. Without your doa and all that Solat Hajat, i know i can't do it. Thanks again Mak and Ayah. That is my present for both of you. Sorry it takes time to make this happen, but whatever it is i've already promised that i want to increase my pointer. I studied hard to make it work. So, here it is. A present for both of you! ♥

To Kakak and Angah, thank you too for taking care of me. Thank you too for pray for me. Not to forget thanks also for criticize me. That critics will only making me stronger to face everything. Thank you for texting me each time my paper has finished. Thank you for all supports and motivations! It means a lot to me. I love both of you!

To friends, thanks for the lessons. Thanks for teaching me on things that i'm weak on. To Syamim, thanks for that Macroeconomics lessons. Without you, i might fail in this paper. To Safiyyah and Kak Tia, thanks for Statistics. You guys had taught me well. I owe 1 from both of you. To classmates and friends all over the world, thats for motivate me and give me spirit to keep on working on my studies.

To lecturers, thanks for every lectures and advices. I can't make it without your guidance. Special thanks to Sir Aziz Zaman Alias for giving me A for my English course. Thanks for all that wise advices and i appreciate that vocab and pronouncing class. You're the best lecturer i've ever had! And to my Accounts Lecturer Miss Hanum, thank you for giving me all those lessons and exercises. Though its hard, but its worth it. Finally, i've defeated my biggest weakness in Business Studies. Thanks again.

I told my mom this morning that i do excellent in this semester. At first, she couldn't believe it. Then after i showed her the result myself, she burst into tears and hug me while say good job. Keep on maintain that grade. This is a way to show that i love you mom. I cant say it but i can show it with my actions. This is for you.

Few seconds after that, she send me this message thru my cellphone.
"Kerana anda salah satu orang yg saya sayang, dengan niat baik Bismillahirrohmanirrahim : Ya Allah, wanita yg membaca ini adalah wanita yg cantik, kuat, sabar. Sayangilah dia serta kasihilah dia. Tolong bantu tingkatkan kehidupannya, mudahkan rezekinya, sihatkan badannya. Jika dia melangkah, selamatkanlah dia, mudahkan langkahnya. Amin."

Thanks mom! I love you!

This a very long post. Sorry for being quite emotional. It's hard for me to get this result, after hard work and other shits. Thanks for all. A present for everybody.

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