Sunday, December 19, 2010


Since i was a kid, i have a keen interest on computers. Even when i'm applying for universities, my top choice was regarding courses that need me to use computer a lot! I like editing pictures, some sort of music and videos. You know, those arts thing. But unfortunately, i'm not promoting to those courses. All i get was way beyond my imagination.

So, i initially and will always like computers and other gadgets like phones and players. You know, those IT things. I adore them. In fact, i can spend most of my time doing those art works 24 hours if i had a chance.

Look at that! Don't you think it's cool? Seriously, i have deep interest in these gadgets! I'm thinking to pursue my studies on ITs or stuffs that needs me to use gadgets.

But i have planned my life well. When i grow a little old soon, i wanna do business. Not ITs. But i have interest on ITs! And literally, on business too! What to do?

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