Monday, November 22, 2010

Stop Pretending Please :)

I have this so-not-called friend. She's someone that i easily get annoyed each time she open up her mouth. Bitch!

So, about this person, she always took someone with her, pretending that 'someone' is some kind of relative of hers. I'm like, are you kidding me? Everyone knows that she's not! Stop lying on my fucking face, please? You just making yourself look stupid.

I don't really care if you have a 'great' relationship with your so-called-cousin. In fact, i don't give a single damn thing about that. Trust me, i don't! Just, please respect my privacy here. That fucking room is my room too! It's called sharing! Do i have to get out of the room just to make a space for her to change clothes?? Come on, she can do it in the toilet that is not even 3 metres away from the room for god's sake! I'm trying to study there! -. .-

Stop making stupid noises while i'm trying my hard to sleep! You're making weird noises as if you guys are making out or something. I have to plug in earphone and turn up the volume to pretend not to hear those voices! And stop cuddling when i put my ass in bed to rest after few hours in others rooms, as if i don't have my own. Fuck you man for making me look bad!

Hopefully, i will not have to share room with you anymore. Please, i don't want to. You disgusts me. Just move away to Malacca, i will appreciate that.

Thank you.

*this is when i was in college this semester. choose friends wisely*

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