Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm self-occupied, i live in my own world when i'm bored, sarcasm is in my nature to express feelings and sensitivity, cold-hearted person, a passionate screamer, stupid yet smart, could be a jerk sometimes, complex, delinquent, ignorance, sly, skeptical a true scallywag stupid joke cracker, bold and wicked plus some other negative factors that i implies on.

These are sides that people usually imagine when they heard the name of Afie.

I'm passionate towards things i like, a very supportive friend, caring, shy, usually kept on modest focal points, will try to do the best for whoever i love, sensitive, patient, a calm and cool from the inside and i usually don't bother others about what makes me sad.

On the other hand, these are the sides that grows in me, which most of the people i know would definitely denies them.

I usually exemplify myself to an evil, ignorance and mean image to the others. But deep in my heart, i'm a very sensitive and warm person. I don't really express feelings on words, behavior and actions speak best for me. When i care about someone, some friends, some family members, i took a very good care for them. Believe me, i would.

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