Thursday, November 18, 2010

Movies To Download

I'm going to download few movies for next semester's stock! Haha. So, here goes the list :

1)Diary of the Dead
4)Step-Up 3D
5)Eat Pray Love
6)Paranormal Activity 2
7)Saw 7
8)Area 51
9)I Spit On Your Grave
10)Let Me In
11)The Switch
12)Next Three Days
13)Thirteen (13)
14)Last Song
15)Remember Me

All these movies on the list are new movies on 2010. This is the list that i guaranteed to be the best from all of 2010 movies in theatre. I'm hoping that i get enough time to download all these movies.

As you can see on the list, most of 'em are in thriller genre because i love thriller the most :D

For members in UiTM, you guys have to pay in order to take them from me. Okay? :P

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