Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holidays Planning

I've said before that i want to work with my aunty. But since, she has already took new employee right before i said it to her, i think i might not be working on this hols. Nevermind then. At least i can enjoy my holidays like crazy. Oh, yeah! You bet i will!

What should i do during my holidays? I've been thinking to go to gym, but my mum did not allow me to. She ask me to help clean up the house and get paid instead of wasting my money on gym fees. And i'm like, OKAY! Since she said that she will pay me for the house chores. Hoorray!

So now, i'm free like hell baby! Yeah, you heard me. This means that i can go out and have fun with friends after cleaning up the house. I better call my budds later.


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