Friday, September 24, 2010

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Sometimes, i wish i can just grab someone and keep it like i did to my phone.
Sometimes, i wish the word 'Goodbye' disappears in this world.
Sometimes, i wish love is infinity.
But at the end of the day, i know we have to let go something or someone we care the most.

Sometimes, being with someone you love is not necessary. As long as the person you care is happy, you will also be happy even if you are not there by their side.

Happy, trust, care. That's the words i need the most in this world. Neither from family, friends nor foes. Or even from people that i've onced cared the most.

I wish i can be good to everybody. Be cheerful so that others will feel a little bit more comfort. Be brave to protect whoever i know.

I know i'm not perfect enough. Not too good to be true. But atleast i've tried to be good to everybody. To be a good listener to whoever that wants to share their problems with. To be a good person atleast.

I care. I care. I care. Although i may not look like it. But believe me, deep in my heart, i do care to everybody around me.

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