Thursday, May 27, 2010


See it. You'll see that they are making fun of us.

One of the statement that attract my attention is when a member of the group said this ;-

" We will take over palestine for its great oil resources, its gold, the virgins and especially the camels ! And you can do nothing. HAHHAHA. Our plot will work in the end ! "
By Yehuda Shlomo Yudzkippah

" Yes 9/11 was a jewish job. We had hundreds of workers placing explosives inside the towers and also placed GPS markers for the planes. And then, we all pinned it on YOU. It was genious. And no westener suspects, and the hundreds of workers were all unnoticeable secret agents working in kahoots with the CIA. You are again the patsy for the zionist conspiracy. "
Again, by Yehuda Shlomo Yudzkippah

Wake Up, Muslims!

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