Sunday, May 9, 2010

10 Things I Want To Do Before I Closed My Eyes Forever.

1) I want to make my family, especially my parents happy for the whole one day. So that they will remember that i have tried my very best to be part of the family. So that they will remember me when i'm gone.

2) I want to bathe all my cats, feed them and treat them well before i go. Hopefully that my family will take good care of them.

3) I want to apologize to my family and all my friends, especially the sisters. I just want them to know that i love them so much.

4) I want to hang out with them for the last day. Having great time together and snap loads of pictures. And hoping that the pictures will kept as preciuos thing to them.

5) I want to get good grades. Just to make my parents proud of me for the very last time. So that they know that i appreciate them well and as my present to them for taking such good care of me.

6)I want to clean my room so that everytime my mom passes or enter the room, she will feel that i'm still there, just go out for sometime and will be back in few minutes. I just want her to feel that i'm still in the room, eventhough i might be far away from her.

7) I want to give the guitar that i bought back in college to my three beloved sisters. I want them to take good care of it. As a memory that i am onced, part of them.

8)I want to hug all people that know me. From friends to those who very closed to me. So that i have the strength to face it from their warm heart.

9) The last night, i just want to enjou the peace and calm night with my family and my sisters. I want to sleep with them for the last time.

10) My last wish is just that i want my family and my sisters to be happy forever. Although i might not be there for them, but i want them to do the very best for their life. Note that i will always be in their heart.


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