Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Note No.2 : Shut Up,GREEN BOY!

WHAT?? You still dont believe this is happening to you? HAHA! Too bad. I've sad earlier,YOU ARE SO PATHETIC! Try to live with it,okay?

You said that people dont realize how they have hurt a people, their mistakes and all that fucking shit. Eh,wait a minute. ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF?? Teeeetttttt! GOTCHA!

Yeah,you are right. This world is dull. And i really think you should back off from others' life,especially US! True, dont make it worst, by YOUR PRESENCE in front of us!

And umm,who is your siblings anyway? Do you even have one?? I thought you throw away your only biological-sister??? So,what siblings are talking about huh dickhead?! Stop saying something that is not even fucking true.

Liar? Drinker? Smoker? You slept with girls? TELL ME WHO'S STUPID PEOPLE THAT EVEN CARE IF YOU DID ALL THESE SHITS? Huh, who?? I guess, no one care about that. Really. So stop pretending that you're an angel that GOD send to us to be our guardian angel. You are not even qualified to look at us! NEVER!

Little last note for you douchebag,grow your balls and stop posting some bloody-annoyed shits on your fucking blog. THANK YOU!

*Other note will be updated later. If you post it,you'll get it!*

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