Saturday, March 20, 2010

Better Days? I Hope.

I guess,moving to a new place will change everything. Perhaps,its a good choice for me to start things over to be better. New environment,and maybe new friends that i can count on. Not that i dont have friends here in Alamanda,but i'm not sure if they are truly my friends. Yes,i have besties here and i'm about to loosing them because they will move to other branch. *Sighh!

I think i have repeated the tragedy that i faced 5 years ago. How i get friends that i trusted the most and loosing them in just one blink of eyes. I think i am not fated to have bestfriends for real,like forever. Cause i tend to loosing them easily.

Why i must ended up being with someone that i dont want to be,and be very far away with those i needed the most? Why? Things have been so complicated for me to explain.

Perhaps,i can fix my grades to be better. Change myself to be better to the fullest. Find the real friends that i can trust in every point of view. Find better days there. But yes,i will surely miss my roomates once i have moved there. But life has to go on though.

Better days,i hope -.-

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