Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Have To Choose One!

Okay,i will talk about what phone will i get for myself for this entry. Well,when it comes to phones,i always think about smartphones. When its about smartphones,well,i have 3 choices to choose. And i will introduce it to all of you now.

The first thing that comes to my mind about smartphones is definitely a Blackberry Storm2™ 9520! Why?? I just love the design,functions and all. In one word to describe it,its PERFECT! I've already made a few comparisons of all blackberries available in Malaysia,and this one is one of the best!

Next up,of course the iPhone 3gs. I love it because of the functions itself. The design?? Err,its quite lame i must say. Sorry Mac,its just a piece of my oppinion. But it does look good in other dimensions indeed.

The last but not least,its the Blackberry Bold 9700. Why? Again,its because of the functions itself. I prefer this is because it is the best-looking of blackberries with QWERTY Board,for me.

Well,i think thats it. I'm still collecting money to buy one of these cool stuffs here. But no worries,i'm working hard to get one. I really hope so!

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  1. woi sayang :) haha, usha blog ak, iPhone3G :D