Friday, January 22, 2010


I need you now. I want you now. I want you back. For the past few days i always keep on thinking about you. How we make this is so fucking fake. This is not the real me. I keep on thinking the days that we used to laugh together. Hang out together,catch some movies together. Just the two of us. Crack some jokes,although others would find it stupid. But i just dont care,as long as i can the sparkling-fun smiles on your face. I miss that day so much. Miss your smiles too.
The day that we used to do some revision together. I've tried to move in to your place but i couldn't because someone already booked it. And i'm very sorry for that. Sorry cause i'll never be with you anymore,no as often as i used to. Sorry for the late feedback towards your offer. I have to think it seriously. But when i'm ready,it seems that it is fated that i cant. Eventhough you might think i'm not as serious as i look,but deep in my heart i'm ready to move in.
I'm not mad at you. No,i'm not hates you too. I just do not have the guts to approach you. I want to ask you which campus will you choose for next sem,but i'm afraid if you'll ignore me. You must have already feel bored by the way i act,but i its true. I'm just too scared to approach you. I'm afraid if i'll screwed up in front of you. I'm afraid if my words makes you annoyed or hurts you. I'm afraid that we will be in misunderstanding issues again. Thats why i choose to keep in silence but think about you at the same time.
Pals,dont get me wrong. I'm just a friend who misses her buddy so much. I mean,i miss the fun and enjoyement with my buddy so much. And i'm feeling empty without you. Thats all that matters. Need it so much.